The Story

 © by Victor Bregeda
Nellie a recent divorcee fulfills her dream of becoming an owner of an art gallery in NYC. Her gallery “911” becomes the place where astute change in the lives of a group of people takes place. People of completely different backgrounds blend in and change to the better.

  A freelance Sex therapist seeking a love companion finds it in Nellie’s heart while a banker is his persistent rival!

  A starving for sex Ukrainian emigrant, Nellie’s housekeeper, lives and dreams of famous people while she struggles to make ends meet daily. She will be transformed into a newbie artist’s Muse, a businesswoman, a mother and a mother in law of her ex husband who is in the Catering Business and becomes a Chef to his own restaurant. He finds a partner in his life as he comes out of the closet, finally.

 A gay Art Critic, who loses his companion but gains his father’s respect because the father accepts and likes his new partner, also becomes a brother with a little sister.

 His father confronts his homophobia and the thesis of this play is that there is a right place for everyone in this world and love and friendship cements us all in it. 

© Pavel Sizov all rights reserved
Nellie’s daughter a law student, acts as a righteous judge to all around her and let’s everyone understand that Change is an Art we must all embrace.

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